An Interview with God (2018)

Bells of Saint Mary. 1945

Broken Faith. 2012

Bonhoeffer: Agent Of Grace (2000)

Dolores Hart. Minn Attriċi f'Hollywood għall-Soru.

Francis: The Saint and the Pope.

God's not dead.

God's not dead. No 2.

Hiding Place

History of the Popes, Saints & Sinners. P1  -  P2  -  P3  -  P4.

I am Gabriel

If you ever go to heaven

In the House of Brede. 1975

Jim Caviezel, Interview.

Joseph of Nazareth

Karol, the Man who became Pope. 2004

Let there be light.

Oh, God! (1977)

Pope John Paul II converted me.

Seven Secrets of the Eucharist.

The Good Shepherd,

The Last days of Pope John Paul II

The Pilgrim's Progress (Classic Version)

The Singer not the Song. 1961.

The Song of Bernardette. 1943

The Staircase. (1997)

The Turin Shroud, B. Schwortz. EWTN 2013.

The Way



Il diavolo si "confessa" da Padre Pio.

Preferisco il paradiso. La storia di Filippo Neri.



The Birth of Jesus (2015)

Hearts of Christmas (2016)

Holy Night. The life of Jesus (1951)

▪ The Gift of Christmas. (2020)

▪ When Angels come to town. (2004)

▪ Finding John Christmas. (2003)

▪ The fourth wise man.

▪ The God who speaks. (2018)